What inspired us? We were inspired to make this app seeing so much wastage of food in our community on a daily basis, be it our household or a restaurant. Instead of throwing away the excess and surplus food we can donate it to an NGO who can directly give it to the needy.

What FoodDrive does? It is a platform that connects the people/restaurants with extra food who wish to donate to NGOs who further provide it to whoever is in need. We have used Flutter for the frontend of the app and node.js for the backend to store all the data.

Challenges we ran into? We had difficulties in connecting Flutter to node.js to store to data and weren't successful in storing the data.

How can we improve FoodDrive in the future? In the near future, we look to implement a chatting feature between the NGO and the food donor for ease of contact. We also want to implement a review system so that regular donors get their share of recognition.

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