The coronavirus has changed a lot of things around the world. It has opened our eyes to the need to tackle socio-economic issues at the local community level. The advent of the so-called modern way of life has thrown many villages and local communities in Africa into abject poverty, with their primary sources of livelihood like fishing and farming destroyed to pave way for the erecting modern structures. Furthermore, the indigenes of these villages do not have money to buy needed food and other services within and outside their communities as fiat which is tied to the dollar continuously gets hit badly by rising inflation occasioned by depending immensely on imported merchandise. The solution to these problems is the community inclusion social contract, which will ensure an interdependence of community members on each other for food and services. This project is majorly inspired by the success of community inclusion contract projects in Brazil ( and Britain (

How I built it

The project implements a decentralized digital marketplace where members can create NFT smart contracts. It will enable a decentralized exchange of foodstuffs and scale to other services as well. It uses the Non-fungible Token (NFT) to model each token as a foodstuff item like tomato, beans, etc. These can then be sent to the smart contract network for the exchange to take place. We used tech like React (frontend), RSK, truffle, openZeppelin (NFT standard and smart contract backend), web3 (frontend integration). The RSK testnet helped in real network deployments with its awesome integration with the metamask wallet. Truffle made our life easier with its console usage at visual studio code

Challenges I ran into

Ability to personalize the deeds to real objects like tomato, garri, rice, etc. Also, because of limited resources, we couldn't implement NFT self-destruct or burning to take care of the perishable nature of the foodstuff, although burning also defeats full decentralization objectives

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

Building with new blockchain tools like rsk to integrate with my metamask wallet

What's next for foodDApp

Build more useful MVPs and add community interoperability using the rsk token bridge

Built With

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