1.4 billion tons of food goes unused and wasted every year. Together we can fight this problem one meal at a time as well as using cutting-edge technologies. This solution helps local businesses like the restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, cafes and bakeries, and wholesalers to reduce waste, reduce cost and increase profitability. Each meal that could have otherwise gone to waste but purchased and goes to someone in the cities or local shelters saves money, supports local businesses, and prevents climate change. Telerik has a lot of components for developing enterprise apps and industry solutions including reporting and showing metrics. It's important to show the value and importance of this solution to the society through relevant KPIs.

What it does

With foodcy progressive web, single page and internet of things app, you gain access to a wide variety of high-quality food offers in your neighborhood when your local businesses have surplus food. Also, by using cutting-edge AI technology, foodcy provides a useful and accurate way to reduce food waste in the kitchen of local businesses.

How we built it

I have used KendoReact components and other technologies like React.js to build the application. More importantly, I have used progressive web app (PWA) technology and mobile responsiveness by taking the mobile-first approach route. This is important for people to buy surplus food right on the website without the need of the mobile native apps like iOS and Android. With the solution, local businesses can join the program as partners and share their products. Businesses can also view reports with data coming from computer vision AI, internet of things and other data sources. Users of the PWA app will be able to discover food near them using the feature of the app that determines current location of the user and the location of the products or items ready to be rescued. The app works on both desktop and mobile browsers. No need to download an app on a smartphone.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's very important to bring this idea to life using design thinking and relevant architecture.

What we learned

I learned a lot about Telerik technologies for React, Angular and Blazor. Also, learnt some things around computer vision.

What's next for FOODCY

In order to make the app and solution available to more people, it is important to make it available on more platforms. New features like geofencing for discovering meals nearby as well as other integrations are on the roadmap for foodcy.

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