The FoodCrawl App was inspired by the desire to try new restaurants and foods in the area. We wanted to create a new and innovative app to help people find and explore new restaurants in their area.

What it does

How We Built FoodCrawl

On the backend, we used Node.js for the backend APIs, MySQL to store previously visited locations and user data, and webhooks to process events. We used APIs for looking up nearby restaurants and identifying the user's current location.

Challenges we ran into

As fairly new hackathon participants collaborating from across the globe (one in USA, one in Bangladesh), we had a relatively small window with which to communicate with each other actively. We would often leave messages for one another on Discord and have to wait until the other person got back to the computer to see it and get a response.

What we learned

We learned a lot about using, both on the backend and frontend. We learned how to create a video for our hackathon submission, as that was something neither of us knew how to do before. Also, we learned that collaborating across completely different time zones to create a finished product, while difficult, is completely possible.

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