Problem Statement :

The Food Craft Institute is an educational organization, teaching aspiring food entrepreneurs the skills they need to build successful, sustainable businesses. The in-classroom course frequency and capacity is capped by:

1) Availability of instructors to teach a multi-day in-person course, considering they’re often successful entrepreneurs running their own businesses 2) The FCI team’s capacity to manually schedule and manage instructors and students. (The FCI team consists of three full time employees.) 3) Physical classroom space (seats max 12) is very costly.

Need a Technology solution to overcome these challenges


Our team loved the purpose & the Value that FCI creates by supporting a network of food entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, making local economies stronger by imparting educational training courses.

Our Project :

We built a virtual classroom application as solution to FCI’s problem. It provides trainer and students who want to enroll for the FCI courses with online conferencing and collaboration capabilities. As a result, instructors can directly interact with learners anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, while maximizing both time and location flexibility and reducing travel costs to zero

How I built it

Node Js ,Angular 4/CLI ,React, Python Flask Jitsi (Open Source (Apache) WebRTC JavaScript application) Backend : SQL Lite

Challenges I ran into

We ran into roadblocks Initially as we faced issues in configuring and deploying our code on the AWS. we as a team are able to nail down the issues and fixed them

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Very Happy to be associated with NPO where we see tremendous value that we bring forth with our Virtual classroom solution to enable distance learning affordable at convenience to the underserved.

What I learned

learned a lot about React JS and Flask as this was the first time we have used it.Learning new technology and leveraging it to build complete solution in short span of time was amazing and tiring experience.

What's next for FoodCraft_Team4

we will be hosting this on cloud (AWS) and integrate this into FoodCraft Institute LMS system. Also intend to collaborate with NPO FCI to build Mobile App in Android for them.

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