FoodCraft Learning Management System

Live Deployment :

This system aims to provide foodcraft instructors create interactive courses so that students can take advantage of such a system to learn in class as well as from remote location.

Using a learning management system will allow instructors as well as students to go to an online platform in order to get access to the resources that they need to manage their business.

How we built it

-- Core Codebase in Moodle customized for Foodcraft -- Mysql Database setup in the Cloud -- Integration with BigBlueButton as a video conferencing/blackboarding tool. -- Production Ready and hosted with Microsoft Azure -- Scalable for any Future Needs.

Challenges we ran into

  • How do we help the NPO and accommodate their requirements keeping in mind that we have to provide a viable solution and be scalable enough for any increase in their requirements in future.

By using open source solutions we also ensure that that we are updated with any new features and can incorporate in our development much easily .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Build and Deployed an entire cloud platform for Learning.

  • Provide a cloud learning platform virtually free of cost to the NPO and provide them the resources to do so.
  • Developed Something that will be used by them to serve for a very good initiative.

What we learned

  • Enabling an organization's initiative through technology right from the start.

What's next for foodcraft-lms

  • Enhance our own virtual classroom experience in the cloud.
  • Test out our solution on the students and try online courses.

Cost Savings

We have requested Microsoft for a Non Profit Discount and received a $5000 donation from Microsoft for the same. We believe the system is scalable and will allow foodcraft to sustain it's initiative of enabling small business through interactive learning.

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