Nobody likes wasted food!
That's why we decided to make a mobile app to keep track of your perishables.

We leveraged API's to help address these challenges :

  1. Inputting food is tedious - Our app can label your food from a simple snap of the camera!
  2. Extra incentives for tracking your food - Healthy recipe suggestions are given based on the perishing food item!
  3. Social Interaction - View your friend's perishing food, and collaborate together!

What it does

  • Keeps track of your perishable food items and lets you know when they are about to expire.
  • Discover healthy recipes for food in your inventory.
  • See your friend's published food items, and collaborate with them on recipes.
  • Input food items quickly by taking a picture and having the app label the food.
  • Keeps you healthy by alerting you when your fridge becomes unhealthy.

How we built it

  • Android Studio.
  • Firebase for the backend to store data and provide real-time syncing of food items with friends.
  • Clarifai API to leverage deep-learning networks to label a food item from your camera.
  • Edamam API to generate healthy recipes based on your perishing items.

Challenges we ran into

  • Coding for a real-time database requires some sacrifice when designing the schema.
  • Getting Android UI to work nicely with us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A working application with real-time data syncing between friends.
  • Image recognition on a mobile phone.
  • Generating food recipes based on healthy tags.

What we learned

  • Firebase is easy to learn but hard to master. But the real-time data integration on Android took a lot work off our plates.
  • Machine learning for food identification is viable, but in the end it often requires human validation.

What's next for FoodBox

  • With some minor changes to the UI, some small tweaks to the database and contacts listings, we would be ready to launch into an app store.
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