No more asking "what is available." It's time to ask the real question: "where is it available?"

Starvation is one of the most dehumanizing consequences of income inequality. Within just the past 3 years, an estimated 50 million Americans are suffering from malnutrition. They lack not only the income to purchase meals but also the resources to discover where food may be served around them. PantreePal was inspired to put an end to the inhuman, unjust, unacceptable reality that we as a society often overlook.

What it does

PantreePal provides numerous user interfaces for individuals to log food inventory. Users [volunteers at a food bank] can either manually create entries through a web or mobile UI, or they can simply take a picture of multiple items through the mobile interface, which will automatically log all the food items in the picture. The web interface provides visual displays of the makeup of the food inventory, which updates in real time as users add and remove from it.

How I built it

Within the app, when a user takes a picture of a food item, the image is processed using OpenCV and Tesserate. We used the Neumann & Matas algorithm to form our classifiers. The extracted words from the image are sent back to the app so that the user can validate the number and type of items that will be added to the food bank's inventory.

The backend is primarily Java/Spring/AWS cloud processing with MySQL for the database. The front end is an Android app and web app. HTTP requests are managed using Square's OKHTTP api. The Web app is backed by bootstrap, using bower as a package manager.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Foodbanker

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