We couldn’t ignore the recent media attention around the rising demand for food banks. The pandemic has affected us all, but some more than others. With the statistics showing that 1.9 million parcels were needed last year, we believed could help. This is the kind of problem that can be solved with great digital innovation.

What it does

We’ve built a tool that connects food banks to get the help that they need. Not only does is highlight demand, but it can send out alerts to volunteers and local services, as well as connecting to local food banks who may be in surplus. Our design uses behavioural science to drive engagement, commitment and develop a community to spread the word. For example, we use techniques such as

  • Digital incentives to encourage engagement
  • We use behavioural techniques to form positive habits
  • Notifications for selective nudging

How we built it

With: Algolia, Contentful, Nuxtjs, AWS, Auth0 and Netlify. We also used GiveFood API to help us with the directory of foodbanks.

Challenges we ran into

We originally wanted to use Commercetools but knowing the scope and timelines we have to work within, we opted not to for the hackathon.

As always, we ran into some client interruptions. Which meant some of our team were out of action.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building out a really solid proof of concept so that we can continue building it out as a real solution. We're proud of the amount of work we were able to complete in the timeframe given.

What we learned

How easy and nice MACH tech is to work with. This was our first experience with MACH tech and surprised with how quickly we were able to build our tool and upskill.

What's next for Team Camels

We want to build this out as a real solution.

We look forward to growing out the solution with features and scale - and we have our eye on a couple of other MACH alliance vendors!

We will be approaching companies for help with sponsorship and support so watch this space.

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