Our main mission when starting this is:

'How can we help as many people as possible in a limited amount of time'.

Following this thought experiment, it led us to think about the limited amount of support food banks have at the moment with people self-isolating. Clinically vulnerable people are not able to donate to food banks without putting themselves at risk. This alongside the UK Government's responses to the free school meals crisis made us want to tackle this issue.

What it does

We have created a platform that allows donators and volunteers to help support food banks by donating and picking up donations, specifically designed for the COVID crisis. People can meet the needs of food banks without having to physically visit them.

Users have the ability to donate or volunteer


Donators are able to select a nearby food bank and agree to donate items. They specify the supplied items, the alotted time and any additional info they wish to give to volunteers, such as a public meeting point for safety. The donator also has the ability to view stats and their profile.


Volunteers are able to pick up these items and drop them off at the food banks on behalf of the donators. They are provided with a map which has all the nearby donation requests. They can pick up and complete the available donation requests - notifying the donator along all stages of the system.

How we built it


The front end is built with React-Native, TypeScript, Expo, Redux , and Suffering . It is deployed on Netlify with CI/CD and is a progressive web app with an emphasis on mobile support.


The backend is built using Flask and deployed on Heroku.

Challenges we ran into

We all individually ran into quite a lot of challenges throughout the hackathon, these are a few of the highlights:

  • Deployment
  • Deployment
  • Deployment
  • Akhilesh being missing for like 12 hours
  • Netlify and Expo did not like GitHub using main instead of master
  • Sohaib's backend 'database'
  • Sohaib doing anything on the frontend
  • Sohaib doing anything on the backend

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We definitely accomplished a lot, not all of it good but here are a few things that we can say we are proud of

  • Arthur doing all the beautiful design
  • Arthur making the beautiful Video
  • Peter learning React Native from scratch
  • Nawab coding pretty much the entire front end
  • Sohaib writing up the accomplishments section
  • Akhilesh...

What we learned

We learnt so much in this hackathon! It being virtual taught us a lot about effective communication; you can't just hassle the person next to you anymore. In the technical sense, we learnt a lot about how cloud services worked, continuous deployment, and all the intricacies of React Native. We also learnt a lot about the issue we were trying to tackle, in order for us to tackle the issue effectively. All of this combined made us have quite an enriching hackathon.

What's next for FoodBank

We want to branch this out to provide a rewards service for the people donating and volunteering, this will involve sponsors from potentially local businesses and some chains. We want to have a fully working login and sign up page allowing users to have their own personal accounts. We want to improve our map functionality to give direction for the volunteer to go.

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