All the members from our team are currently studying in UC system, which have big campus. In this case, students who have heavy schedule always have trouble with having meals on time, starving during the classes. On the other side, many college students are looking for ways to make some money while they don’t have enough time to go out of the campus to find a part-time job.

What does this do:

Food the way is a food-delivery network platform dedicated for college students (especially for big universities like UC system). It provides a user-friendly, simple and structuralized interface. It allows the users to make orders directly based on the restaurant menu from our database, and the delivery guy to accept orders. The unique feather that we have is pre-schedule and recommendation system, concerning most of users will be college students with limited but scheduled time. Basically, it allows the delivery guy to make reservations for a time they will be free in schedule. And if any order comes in within that reserved time range, we will send a letter to the deliverymen. All the confirmation letters will be sent through text, a traditional but surely reliable way, using Twillio API.

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