Imagine you are scrolling through your favorite social media site such as Pinterest or Instagram, and you come upon a photo of an amazingly delicious meal. So you click on the photo hoping to get a better look at just how tempting that dish actually is, and more importantly, if per chance that restaurant is close to you. But unfortunately, whoever posted this delectable delicacy, neglected, to attach the appropriate tags, or you are in Brooklyn, and that restaurant is in San Francisco.

What it does

Well, don't panic, we've got your back. We created an app called Foodable. Foodable allows the user to upload a photo from anywhere, and utilizes image identification software paired with GPS (or user IP address if GPS is not available) to locate and provide a selection of near by venues which prepare a similar dish.

How I built it

We made this application by using Angular2 + Ionic2 framework. Ionic2 provides us a huge collection of elements and native mobile functions to develop an application fastly and easily. The most interesting part of our application is that users can upload or take a photo from their phone and locate restaurants near you. We achieve this function by the implementation of Google Cloud Vision API. Without this API, achieving this goal would consume so much time.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge we faced was the lack of time to build this product. Since time was tight, it was important that each of us used our own unique perspectives to work as one cohesive unit.The most challenging part of building this app was the implementation of the image recognition system using an unsupported techonology. We used Google Cloud Vision API in order to recognize images and label them. Since our application is running on Angularjs, Google is not currently supporting this technology on their documentation. However, they support Nodejs which is very similar and we can use Nodejs technology by using wrappers to share code between the two frameworks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud

We are proud that we were all able to join our ideas and create a unique application. We were able to accomplish this by dividing the work and assigning everyone a specific area in which we were more experienced.

What I learned

We were able to learn from each other as well as learn from the workshops that were provided for us. As we attended the Google Cloud Vision API given by Raymond Blum we learned how to use google's vision api and implement it into our application for image recognition.

What's next for Foodable

In the future we wish to create a mobile ordering system that will allow customers to place orders directly from our application. Profits are expected to be generated based upon participating venues.

Built With

  • angualr2
  • angular-2
  • angular.js
  • cloud-vision-api
  • google-cloud-vision-api
  • iconic2
  • ionic-2
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