We took inspiration from our parents, who constantly ask the one DREADED question, What should I make?_. We took these words and decided to not only help our parents but everyone out there who face the same question.

What it does

We have created a website where users can find over 200,000 thousand recipes for themselves. We have a special feature as well, that lets users enter ingredients of their own and get recommended food items based on that. This helps them make a variety of food items whilst remaining healthy!.

How we built it

We made our own API for the ingredient-recipe searcher. It was trained on a dataset over Google Colab and then made into an API. We used React for the frontend and Firebase for user authentication and backend.

What we learned

We learnt quite a lot from this project. This varies from creating API's and training machine learning models with fast response times to creating a fully-fledged website that is visually pleasing

What's next for Food4You

We want to properly integrate the ingredient-recipe API onto our website and add more advanced features such as diet plans to the website. We want more people to start using our website and realise the varied benefits of it.

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