The realization that plants were able to grow solely in nutritious water only astonished me. Since that day I have been thinking how to create a fully functioning concept of implementing hydroponics on a grand scale with crowd knowledge and AI.

What it does

It shows the location of interested entrepreneurs or hobbyists willing to start collaborative businesses/research on hydroponics. Not only earning money but also securing a self sustainability and gaining knowledge about growing plants in the most effective way possible.

I sorted the relevant data to find suitable areas to place automated hydroponic freight containers. Furthermore finding the tools to implement the crowd aspect of the project.

How I built it

The data is sorted but not implemented in the platform (it was too time consuming within the time-limit).

Gis has built in webapps deploy-ready for all I need and it's really simple, but time consuming to add the needed datasets from SGU, SMHI, MSB, Havsmyndigheten, LMV, SLU and Jordbruksverket.

These are the datasets used: **Sveriges kraftverk - (Svenska kraftnät) Volym spillvatten - SCB

**Kalkhalt i grundvattnen över sverige - SGU json 

**Grundvattennivåer med tidsserier sen 60-talet 2ggr/månaden

**Kalkhalt i vattendrag/sjöar - Havsmyndigheten

**SMHI - avrinningsområden

**SMHI - regn prognos 

**Risk för översvämning - MSB

**Gifthalt/Radioaktivetet i grundvattnet - Miljöövervakning Json via API anrop

**Alla brunnar i Sverige - SGU json

**Sveriges matdistributionscenter - SLU

**Matkonsumtion länsvis Jordbruksverket

**Matproduktion Jordbruksverket

**Vattenkonsumtion Länsvis LMV

**Vilken mat vi importerar och vart ifrån - Livsmedelsverket - 

**Vattenbrist prognos för EU kommande 50 åren - EU

**Specifika Industriers områden i Sverige - SCB

The concept and cost calculations are done.

Challenges I ran into

Deciding what information was important on the map and how to visually present it. Realizing I would not have the time to make a fully working irl demo and change to designing a concept instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Distributing the workload across the available time we have been given since I am alone. Being able to go to bed early relative to other hackathons I have attended.

What I learned

To find a nisch and exploit it. Going through a shitload of data and deciding what is relevant for my project.

What's next for Food4Life

Securing enough investment (pref: government funded) to build and deploy a trial grow area underground. Develop the crowd platform and start researching the different "recipes".

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