We wanted to help people to find food information (restaurant, nutrition, news, recipes) with name or photo of food

What it does

Basically, people can search food information with name, photo of food and location. The information includes nutrition, restaurants, news, recipes, videos.

How we built it

We use many apis to get food information. We used yelp api to get restaurant information and youtube api to get video information. Also, we used food2fork api to get recipes. To allow people to search with image file, we used IBM watson's visual recognition.

Challenges we ran into

request and get api data. get file from user and request to watson api <- didnt work. we wanted to use mobile camera for recognition of the food image but react.js doesn't provide the function. UI design. Since we have no designers it was hard to come up with "good" design.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

efficient use of various api calls fully responsive design (support mobile devices, tablets and browsers) intuitive design

What we learned

various apis usage. modern web development process. solid understanding of javascript. ES6. version control system (git).

What's next for Food Wikipedia

We'd like to add mobile camera recognition as well as nutrition section that gives you numerous information about the food.

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