I like many other people in the city am in LOVE with the food trucks that roam around this city . They offer great food at a decent price and they are constantly rotating around the city which means we never have to worry about getting bored from eating the same thing everyday . However, every now and then I find a new food truck that offers an item that is so amazingly delicious that my mouth ceases to salivate until I grub on that item again. Apps that help us find our favorite food trucks do exist at this time . However, even the best ones out there only have about a 60% accuracy rate with their location technologies and have about the same average with regards to the amount of trucks they actually monitor. The problem with these current applications is that a majority of them only track the static locations of food trucks that rarely venture outside of the same areas. Furthermore, few (if any) of the trucks that actually do venture around to new places have some sort of GPS transponder that could broadcast their location .
After doing some "field" research, I discovered that many food trucks that really do drive around utilize social media to announce where they intend to be for the day. It is very common for these businesses to announce their intended destination plans on sites like Twitter. So I came up with the idea of making an app that would locate these trucks based on where they said they would be for the day . The app I developed scrapes the web to identify what food trucks are in the Bay Area. It then performs a search to see if there is a static location already available for the truck . If there isnt, it does a search for the twitter handles for the company . If one is found, the users feed for the current day is scrapped for any address that may be posted indicating where they are. Once found, the address automatically geolocated on the application .
Just in case the current whereabouts of a truck cannot be found anywhere. I added a feature that also allows users to contact the truck company through just about every possible means of communication with the touch of a button .

I am most proud of how I was able to geolocate these trucks in real time just by scrapping their social media feeds

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