Problem and Inspiration

We noticed that people don’t keep a check on how much they eat and end up consuming lesser or excess calories which leads to bad health. Especially during this pandemic, gyms were closed and people had to sit in one place the whole day which lead to a lot of weight gain in many people.


So we decided to come up with Food TrackAR, which combats this issue by monitoring your daily calorie intake and hence weight loss would still be possible without having to go to the gym. It is often seen that whenever people try to diet, they easily lose motivation and give up. Our app attempts to tackle this issue by providing progress reports so you can feel empowered to continue on your dieting journey.

What it does

Our app has been developed to help you control your daily calorie intake which will help you reduce weight and become fitter. This app will be a monitor your food and hence you will be able to improve your health. Before eating a meal, the user can take a photo of the meal through the app and the app will then detect the food using image processing and display the name in AR(Models are uploaded in echoAR), then the app will calculate the calories that food has and add it. The user could also manually add a food item by selecting it from a list. At the end of the day, if the user has eaten enough calories for the day(their recommended daily calorie intake will be calculated based on their age and BMI), they will be notified about it. For better motivation, the app generates a progress report showing how many calories the user has consumed each day.

Challenges we ran into

We faced a plethora of challenges while making this like the Augmented Reality part. Making AR models to the perfect size was quite challenging. The image processing also posed as a barrier in our journey. We faced other challenges as well but we were able to cross them by staying poised and simply looking for the best way out. Moreover, completing such a complex project in 2 days posed a major challenge but we pulled through and got it done before the deadline.

Accomplishments and learning experience

We were happy that we were able to think differently and come up with this idea as it can definitely be an innovation in healthcare. It was a fun learning experience and helped us sharpen our skills in programming. We also dealt with unforeseen hurdles and learnt how to better utilize limited time to make a good product.

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