Our Food Swipe app was inspired from the popular dating app, tinder. We wanted to build a simple app built around our users' food interests and wanted to create an easier way to find places to eat when overloaded with choices.

What it does

Food Swipe presents a user with cards of restaurants near them with information about food, location and prices. Swiping right will prompt users to a directional map.

How we built it

Food Swipe was built with react.js with a next.js framework to optimize and configure our website, tailwind css to style our application, framer motion library to animate structures, google place API to fetch data associated to various restaurants within the vicinity of the user, and html Geolocation API to fetch user locational data.

Challenges we ran into

When building our application, in our frontend, we faced various animation and image problems. In our backend, we had different problems mainly regarding APIs we used, these problems were a challenge to overcome especially because this was the first time we worked with APIs. In addition, functionality, was another one of the problems we came across and due to our time crunch, we had to cut out features we planned on implementing into our website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the amount we accomplished in this short time frame. Without our team coordination, synergy and skills we couldn't have even started to create this project beyond our brainstorming stages.

What we learned

In the short time we had to build Food Swipe, we learned troubleshooting skills both in frontend and backend development, this time crunch made us explore different options to our problems and forced us to develop solutions to problems that we would not explore with a longer time frame. We learned about implementing APIs, more about react.js and its frameworks and different animation libraries.

What's next for Food Swipe

We plan to implement so much more for our Food Swipe app. Since VT hacks is only 2 days of hacking time, most our integrated ideas had to be achievable within this time frame restricting our ability to explore more complex ideas and systems. The future of Food Swipe will create a much more intimate food experience for our users.

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