Why we build it

Blockchain is an amazing technology that will solve the main problems of the dairy industry thanks to its integration and automation capabilities.

The technology is able to provide traceability of the entire milk production supply chain: from production, storage, transport, delivery, quality tests, inventory management, payments, marketing to the consumer's table. It is also able to dynamically include regulatory compliance frameworks to certify the overall supply chain in the platform.

Think of Blockchain as an integrating layer that can connect all the participants and supply chain endpoints by automating actions. For example, in transportation, Blockchain is able to connect the milk quality test lab carried out at the farm and compare it against the test carried out at the dairy reception, as it connects both parties.

It also manages to alert entities if compliance divergence exist applying penalties to the fraudster.

This entire cycle is extremely confidential. The data is protected by encryption between the involved parties and it confidence as the system cannot be hacked.

This is what we´re passionate about Blockchain!

What´s for the future of our project

Let's list today's dairys top problems in order to understand how Blockchain will solve them with our proposition.

One of the main problems today is the attention to sanitary inspection that the dairy needs to attain to avoid fines. This registration can be performed in the platform, together with hygiene inspection records, thus avoiding financial losses, bureaucracy or errors.

Vet records are also stored within the Blockchain, avoiding fraud and accessible at any time for the dairy and even the consumer! Risk reduction of a non-certified personnel is mitigated.

As we saw in previous examples, Blockchain will also end a common fraud water addition or other substances to the milk, registering and exposing to the entire network fraudulent farms or transporters that try to alter the product.

The platform can also take automated actions: placing orders to suppliers whenever the stock has reached a certain limit, updating transportation price tables, authorizing payments, etc. all in an integrated manner!

Today, companies demand transparency, collaboration and operational efficiency. This is the terrain where Blockchain shines and will offer certified products, at a lower cost and high quality standards.

Gowth in this areas are our next challenges.

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