I have been on road trips and vacations where I get a desire for a specific dish, maybe it is pizza or maybe it is mexican food. But I keep having the same issue I don't know where to find these places in a nice easy way while still staying on the move.

What it does

Food Trip Advisor takes the specific food you are looking for and does the searching for you. That way you can keep focus on driving while it searches for places nearby as you go.

How I built it

Food Trip advisor is a mobile app it was built with React Native and using the api.

Challenges I ran into

  • I had issues with the initial setup of the mobile work environment.
  • doesn't give you an easy to consume list of categories, rather it only lists them on their documentation. I had to write a small script that scraped the page and extracted the data in json format.
  • The places response didn't include the latitude and longitude to give directions, so I had to redirect to maps using the search function with the place's name.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • The overall UI of the app.
  • The api implementation

What I learned

  • Learned to setup and use React Native
  • Got more familiar with flex layouts

What's next for Food Stop Advisor

  • Notifications when finding places.
  • More search options and filters.
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