Every year the Economic Research Service(ERS) reports an estimated 133 billion pounds of food was not consumed! We looked into ways to redirect that waste into something that can be of beneficial good. Our website aims to combat that by connecting food businesses to non profit organizations or anyone that is in urgent need of food.

What it does

The web features a form where businesses can input their info such as restaurant name, location, food quantity and type. The data is then stored in firebase. Twilio's API would then send a text message and notify people in need of food or organizations interested (eg: Food Bank).

How we built it

We used firebase for data storage and twilio's API for text messaging services. The website was developed with html,css and bootstrap. Node JS and javascript are used for the backend.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing firebase since we just learned about it during one of the workshops today.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully implementing firebase in order to push out text messages and twilio's API.

What we learned

Teamwork is everything!

What's next for Food Stash

Fully implementing our website with full fleshed features such as using a google maps API in order to map out restaurants with food availability.

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