I want a cheesecake with an Indian twist. We model food at a flavor level to help you explore and always find something that you like!

What it does

We take in your personal choice of dish/food and give you an intuitive interface to discover cuisines from across the globe.

How we built it

We first researched via papers on the different methodology to connect dishes to flavors via chemical compositions etc. We then utilized open APIs to get data which we then

Challenges we ran into

Data Size, Modeling techniques to be employed, Data interpretation and visualization.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Team-work and learning new data science methods.

What we learned

Faster optimization techniques to speed up data collection, analysis, and learning.

What's next for Food Spyder

Need to improve the model (currently 4Gb) to improve accuracy and make it clever to find new and interesting insights into the data. Improve personalization mediums (Facebook likes,)

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