Team Baker Street with Food Sherlock

Take a photo of an unknown or known ingredient and getting nutrition details, recipe suggestions and buy it online.


For all the people who didn't study botany and struggle to buy the correct ingredients for a yet unknown recipe.

What it does

Food Sherlock shows related images and nutrition data based on an taken mobile phone photo. In addition, you may look recipe suggestions and buy the ingredients online.

How I built it

I opened my editor, copied the build script from some other projects and started coding.

Challenges I ran into

Getting an idea took some time, so the first hours we decided on an idea, but it took another hour until it was clear for me what I had to do and how it should look like. Uploading the image and resizing it on the frontend was also harder then I thought, just because some of the APIs expect form data for images.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm most proud of my team, as they were all commited and came up with great ideas and everyone did his share, that really made me happy and the teamwork was great! But also we got the project startet really fast and got a nice integration in Android without trying this before. Also we were brave enough to try new libraries from Netflix and they were really cool.

What I've learned

If it is in the middle of the night and you change some code you may forgot some details, for example that you encoded the data before sending to the backend and then you are wondering, why the backend recives only rubbish und you look for the error in the backend for over an hour. I also learned that I could have helped to check the APIs and challenges before coming to the hackathon

What's next for Food Sherlock

  • generate location based data for retailer
  • improve image recognition service
  • create new way of visualization (eg. show google map search heat map overlay)  
  • fun aspect "Which ingredient are you?"
  • text to speech for refugees

Used APIs

  • HelloFresh
  • Spoonacular
  • imagga
  • Google Custom Search


We did the HelloFesh-Challenge and the Lidl-Challenge. First, with FoodSherlock you have a new way of finding recipes from HelloFresh - you see some fresh ingredients and want to know what it is. And then the app shows you not only what it is, but also what you can do with it. Second, you have a new way of buying food: You check some ingredients and you can buy it online or check some recipes. As we believe the conversion rate after checking some food is really high you can gather highly interessting customer data too.


Team Backer Street

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