We have seen a lot of youtube videos that have people throw away perfectly good food that is thrown away. Also due to the world’s situation food shelters need more help than before. Our goal is to help these people not endure hunger and have a healthy life.

What it does

Our website takes information from restaurants/events like their name, how many calories their food contains, and how much of each food they have and displays it into an easy to read chart. From this, the code calculates the number of people that can be fed. It does this by multiplying the calories of the food and the amount of each food they have and dividing it by 2000 calories (the amount the average person eats in a day). In addition, our website takes what time the food is available for pickup.

How we built it

Aakarsh coded the website using HTML and CSS. Aditya coded the scheduler and the food calculator with java. Abhik and Gaurav worked together to create visuals for the website as well as the slideshow.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge we ran into that we could not figure out how to store all the info we received from user input. However, through watching YouTube videos we were able to determine that we needed to use an array list. Another challenge we went through is the arrangement of images on our website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have learned how to make a website using HTML during the workshop. We are proud of how we used java to create a chart that can organize all the information obtained from user input.

What we learned

We have learned how to add images in HTML. We learned how to use array lists in Java. During this experience, I was able to learn many skills through workshops like python, Android Studio, and HTML.

What's next for Food Savers

Next, we are going to try to promote our website and gather volunteers to continue to deliver food from restaurants to food banks. We are also going to make an app to help organize all the information better.

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