Millions of food products go to waste everyday, caused by consumers over-purchasing groceries or forgetting about their food at the back of the fridge. The copious amounts of food waste produced can be greatly reduced by alerting users when their perishable items will be expired.

By having a visual reminder on their food products and having their expiration times organized neatly, users will be able to quickly visualize what items they need to quickly use before it goes bad.

This can be facilitated by allowing users to quickly take a photo of their grocery receipt and identifying perishable items and giving an estimate time in which the food product will go to waste. This will enable quick population of all grocery or food products the user currently in their inventory. The user can also edit the product directly if the packaging has an explicit expiry date.

Once a product has been registered into the user's log, the products can be sorted by expiration date, and is divided into danger zones, in which the closer the product is to being expired, the more "red" it becomes. Food that is not close to being expired will be shown as green.

In the user interface, users can view their inventory of products, edit them, search for specific items, and switch to camera mode to take new pictures of their receipts.

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