We all have one of those days where we have so much homework to do and do not have time to go get something to eat. Luckily, my department is really close and we help each other out. We made a Slack Channel to let others know when we are going to get food, but it can get complicated at times. We decided to make this App to help friends, who are too busy or simply being lazy, get some food in their stomachs.

What it does

When you first open the app, you have to register with your email and a password. After that, the app will recognize your email, so you just have to login. Then you can choose to either be a driver or make an order. When you choose to be a driver, you state your conditions. You choose where you are going to go get food, and you can inform the others when you are leaving and if you are willing to drive somewhere else or not. When you finish, the notification will be sent to everyone else and then everyone else can go into the app, look at your conditions, and decide whether to place an order or not.

How we built it

We first decided to make this a web app. We used Flask, Firebase, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, and the Google Places API. We realized that not everyone had a job, so we also decided to make it an iOS App using XCode and Swift.

Challenges we ran into

We had never done a real backend with iOS and had a lot of issues the last time we attempted to use Flask. Luckily, Firebase made this project a lot easier. We still had a lot of learning to do, but Google and a series of videos made it a lot easier for us. It still took a long time to get a hang of how it works.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact that we were able to successfully connect the database to our projects and were able to write and read the data in the database. We were also very proud to be able to successfully authenticate the users.

What we learned

We learned a lot of backend. We had never used Firebase and we really found it useful and we loved it. We definitely plan on using it for future projects.

What's next for Food Run

We were not able to finish all of our features. We started the iOS app a little late so users are still not able to place orders but it will be done. We need to have a logout feature. Most importantly we would love to have an Android version as well.

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