Food Recycling App (Food Buddy)

Design and Objective

A Food Buddy is food recycling app created for the Local Hack Day Hackathon at UBC. The app gives a way for Charities, Institutions, and others to donate food, to try and reduce food waste. A map in the app provides users a way to track and located food donors for pickup. The app is built on React Native which will allow us to port to IOS and Android, however for this hackathon we have decided to focus on ios, with android as a future consideration.


What we've learned

  • This is our second project using React Native and we've managed to avoid most of the errors by writing robust and efficient code. However, unlike the first project we used mock data as there were time constraints.

  • We learned a new library similar to Material UI called Native Base, which allows us to import cross-platform UI components for React Native. This allowed us to quickly style components for our app.

  • We've managed to integrate React Mapbox GL for our Map Screen and although we were not able to fully utilize its capabilities, we were still able to produce a prototype for this hackathon.

  • Overall, this hackathon taught us in many ways how to operate quickly and efficiently making sure that we practice teamwork and collaboration under time pressure.

Set up

  1. Download the repo
  2. npm install
  3. react-native link
  4. react-native run-ios

Future Considerations

  • Create a robust backend using GraphQL and Apollo, whilst using Realm to fetch and post queries.
  • Make better use of the map by adding dynamically generated data according the the locations of the Donors.
  • Create an android version of our App.

Built With

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