The things that inspired me to make a concept like this is that many times when I go to the supermarket to buy vegetables, fruits, packed mushrooms and many other food products, I have a doubt personally, “Where were the vegetables and fruits grown? was it cleaned with proper measures? is sanity maintained in these products?". To answer these doubts, I have made this concept of 'Food Verification".

This concept works with a normal smartphone, all we have to do is download the app name 'Food Verification' and in every food product there will be a QR code tag or attached with the product, After scanning the QR code with the 'Food Verification' app you will get the information of the person who grew the vegetables or fruits, further you will see how the product was cleaned, was the sanity maintained and how it was send directly to the supermarket.

For now, I have built only using HTML it is just a website with a QR code scanner. But, I plan to develop the same as an app. The challenges I ran into were major errors because the QR code scanner is a new thing so it was difficult to code and see the things that went wrong. Overall, I learnt many new things through this project.

I will be very proud when this project is a developed app and farmers can actually gain the trust of people and have the least amount of loss. I learnt many things about HTML and I tried to build an app but it was not successful but, I learnt many new things in HTML and XML languages. I plan to develop an app for this project and help supermarkets and farmers gain customers' trust. I also want to publish this app worldwide.

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