Have you ever been in a group so indecisive about where to eat dinner that you died of starvation? What a coincidence? Me too!

We made this app to provide a solution to a common problem, agreeing on a place to eat. Everyone has their preferences, but it's often hard to find someone willing to make the final call.

Enter food picker. This is a mobile web app that asks binary questions in order to narrow down restaurant choices. We use the Yelp API to get a listing of nearby establishments. We then strategically ask questions that try to narrow down the number of restaurants by half until a final choice is obtained.

There's a social aspect to the app as well. The phone running the app is meant to be passed around between members of a group. Each one is given 4 seconds to answer the question on the screen. If he or she can't make a decision in time, a decision is made for them. Tough luck.

Never die of indecision-driven starvation ever again. Food picker. Do it.

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