There are still many of the Dhaba( Restaurants ) who are still not connected to the food ordering firms like zomato or swiggy and due to corona many of them have great effects on their business. And due to the corona pandemic now the customers who used to visit them also didn't visit them as they don't want to step out due to the corona pandemic. So the food ordering website is like a normal website that is easy to use and customize. Where the customer can order food with an awesomely designed website and the owner of the shop would have the access to the admin panel where he can respond to the orders. And everything would be done in realtime that means there would be no manual refresh by the user or the shopowner that would be done using

What I Learned

With this single project, I have learned many of the technology I have listed above like ejs template making backend using MongoDB and a lot more.

Challenges I Faced

We definitely all agree that our time constraint was a challenge, a lot of us had many ideas to input but because of time, we focused on the most important aspects.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of making a website with my own efforts with an intention for making a product for the people in need.

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