I've been obsessed with food trucks for some time - they are a HUGE phenomenon in the US (and are spreading to Europe). I used to work in a deli - it was super hard work. Being a restaurant on wheels, food truck owners and employees have even more challenges. They deserve the best hardware and software point of sale solution possible.

But the app works for any mobile vendor at all using the Clover Point of Sale (POS) system.

I had already created a version of this app on the US platform but this was a major development effort to create the EU version both on the mobile side as well as backend and integrated with a different Clover platform.

What it does

It adds these features to the Clover point of sale system: location and schedule management, a sales dashboard, and social media automation.

By adding the ability to track locations now food truck owners can make decisions on their hours and location based on solid data to maximize their revenue potential. Also, twitter messaging is automated so more customers are informed of the daily location and show up at the truck as customers.

How I built it

I come from a C# background so I use C# both for the Android mobile development using Xamarin, as well as the REST API for the backend. Also I'm able to share code directly via the mobile and backend which is great.

Challenges I ran into

It seemed that I really bit off too much for one coding session. I burned some hours just getting up and running on the EU Clover platform. It was a long process just to get the fundamentals working but then after that it was more of an endurance challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is been one of the best coding sessions I've had in years. Usually I'm super distracted by incoming email and phone calls it was great to just put on some headphones and crank some code out.

I'm also glad I've been able to meet developers from all over and I've made a few new friends.

What I learned

I learned how critical it is to just keep pushing forward. When it's 4am and it feels like there's no possible way I could finish is when I really started to focus and get a 2nd wind.

What's next for Food on a Truck

Sleep, food......a long flight back to the states. A shower.

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