Eligible special prize: Most Socially Useful Hack


After a meal with friends, we often have to split the bill depending on what we each ordered. Sometimes, sharing the sides as well which makes things even more complicated. So much math and calculations to do! :O Even with the convenience of cashless payments, it does not tell us how much each person requires to pay.

What it does

Using the receipt provided, the OCR picks out the various food items ordered. Users can then select their friends who were there for the meal and assign them to each food item. The app does the math for you and allows you to send payment requests to your friends.

How we built it

Using android studio, OCR libraries, OCBC bank api - with sugar spice and everything nice :)

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging part was probably the sending of the photos of the receipts for processing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That it can help solve a problem that still persists today where technologies of the past and the future can be bridged through our app.

What we learned

Developing an android app that actually works and looks good as well with the use of firebase and the integration of other apis.

What's next for Food Kakis

We hope to improve on the accuracy of the OCR and maybe get pick up by a payment technology company :P

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