Shell Hacks Project -This is a simple react native app with two screens. -The first screen is a basic home screen giving information on app's purpose. -The second page uses clarifai's and expo's API to access the camera, take a picture and classify what is in the image based on the pre-trained model that Clarifai provides for food. The classifier gives a list of predictions of what the picture might be from highest percentage prediction at the top and lowest percentage prediction at the bottom. For a video demo, I attached a quick IOS screen recording of our project.

Using the expo SDK, we were able to use a device's system functionality without the need for Xcode or Android Studio. Everything was made with pure JavaScript making the process much easier for people new to app development. To run this app it must be run in a native environment in either IOS or android assuming that it has the Expo SDK with and and Expo client running.

Web technologies: React Native React.js JavaScript Expo Clarifai

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