We're all college students, some of us better off than others. We have all had those days when we didn't have time to make food or couldn't afford to buy it. This gave us the idea to tap into unused DC dollars from students living on campus. Vouchers are not used during the beginning or middle of the semester but we all know we need to eat something everyday. This sprang the idea of Food Friend.

What it does

Food Friend allows generous students living on campus to pay for their fellow students who can't afford to buy food. Essentially the app connects off campus students with on campus students to build a connection over a meal.

How I built it

Due to limited amount of time, we were able to construct an overview of what we were looking to make out of this app. Although we have not actually made the app, due to lack of experience, we will learn how to develop apps and make this into reality.

What's next for Food Friend

The next big step for Food Friend is to develop an actual app using Android Studio that not only has a friendly UI, but a simple message. That sharing is caring,

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