Canada wastes an estimated $31 billion worth of food each year, that is about 40 per cent of all the food produced. The leading cause for food waste turns out to be supermarkets and restaurants displaying large quantities of products that reach their sell-by date before being sold. This inspired us to create a website that rewards restaurants and grocery stores that are sustainable with their food waste.

What it does

Restaurants and grocery stores can donate food for nearby food banks to pick up. The food bank will then assess the actual used/useful food amount and document it to the leaderboard. The donation information is publicly available for customers to see, which allows customers to also support sustainable restaurants if they wish.

How we built it

We used html/css/bootstrap for front-end and firebase/firestore for back end and data management.

Challenges we ran into

All our members were using unfamiliar languages which sometimes made us take a considerable amount of time completing simple tasks. Examples: setting up firebase, utilizing local storage (parsing JSON files), Jquery (automating leaderboard), etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how complete our product is. We all equally worked very hard, and was able to bring the product to near finish.

What we learned

We developed better understandings of Javascript, Firebase, and local storage.

What's next for Food for Thought

Making the website viral.

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