Many businesses waste tons of food in order to provide their consumers with top quality products. The downside is that food waste directly contributes to 8% of the greenhouse gases produced globally. What is more devastating is that this percent of greenhouse gas emissions can be completely eliminated, with the implementation of Food for Thought.

What it does

Food for Thought gives businesses the option to repurpose food by distributing it to food charities, as well as compost food. For distributing the food, businesses will get the option to select the location of where they want the food to be donated and indicate the shelf life of the item to determine the urgency. For composting, businesses get a notification of when their compost bin is ready to be composted, and they will schedule a time for pickup.

How we built it

This prototype was built using Figma.

Challenges we ran into

In order for this product to work, it is important for us to think from the perspective of the restaurant owners, and it would be difficult to initially encourage them to pay a subscription fee. However, we hope to work with local governments to create legislature such that restaurants can’t waste more than a certain amount of food, especially since food waste is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. In general, by providing restaurant owners with a detailed report of what is getting wasted, they will be able to make more sustainable choices of products to buy and in what quantities, saving them money in the long run.

Specifically, both contributors to this project, Risha and Seema, previously had no experience working with Figma, so learning how to use it while implementing it to our product idea in a limited time was quite the challenge at first.

Built With

  • figma
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