I've recently started adjusting my own diet to reduce my carbon footprint and wanted to encourage others to do so.

What it does

Encourages users to decrease their carbon footprint with the food they eat. Encouragement is received in three main ways:

  1. Showing the user food they like thanks to a suggestion algorithm that takes into account preset preferences, past meals the user enjoyed and ratings from other users. 2.Progression. The more you use the app, the background of the homepage will evolve. More plants will grow and wildlife will appear.
  2. Money. For each meal a user has they will generate a tiny bit of money funded by ads. Capped at two meals a day. ## How we built it Using wpf and c# ## Challenges we ran into First time creating a suggestion algorithm so needed to figure out an idea of how to implement. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of Managed to successfully implement the above ## What's next for Food For Thought Update from paint graphics Try get partnerships with super markets and food brands to further encourage users

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