I came up with the idea following based on the environmental theme. The initial inspiration came from me and my household's issues with food wastage, and how food wastage impacts the environment. The initial inspiration for this website was to create a food wastage tracker, which would essentially keep track of your food wastage through an account. However, as I was unable to execute this idea I simplified the scope of the idea so I could still use the base inspiration, but instead present it in a different way and this was through education.

What it does

The website basically contains a quiz and would also contain more information and tricks to help with food waste issues. The aim is to encourage the user to learn more about food wastage issues and impacts, through a fun quiz that takes them to tips to reduce food wastage. They can also find more information about the impacts, causes and resources for food wastage and find relevant food waste companies to donate to (the completed website is just a template for this so it does not contain real information except for the quiz).

How we built it

The way I built it was I used CSS and HTML. Since I was unable to use JS to create the quiz I found a way to do it through HTML links, which made it very tedious and ineffecient but overall still works so I was happy with that achievement. The website I initially used to code on was, but because I reached the limit of HTML pages on the website I had to move the project to, so that is the website I have presented my completed webpage on. I did not use github throughout the process as I was not very familiar with the platform and because I was working on my own, I did however upload my code to the website once it when it was partially complete.

Challenges we ran into

The hardest part to execute was the quiz component, I wanted to do a JS quiz however all the quizzes I looked into where quite difficult to excute and I couldn't achieve them without just copying code. Also because of the way I created the quiz it was only 5 questions long, which I would have liked to change. The design of the website was another issue, I struggled a lot with the picture placement for the homepage and general design issues with borders, boxes and etc. The time also created an issue with the design as in the end I wasn't able to add as many pictures as I would have like to and the design turned out very simple unlike my plans. Many of the other issues where earlier in development when I was trying to create the food waste tracker, just finding out how to implement this was very difficult with my level of coding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am really proud of the fact that I managed to create a quiz, regardless of whether the code is effecient or not. The website also looks quite good though and works well overall. I think I also did quite well with the time planning as I had to leave enough time for the video demo, so I had to stop website development at a point and I think I chose a good time to end it.

What we learned

I learned a lot about JS (though nothing is implemented here). I also learned even more about CSS design and formatting a website and making everything work and flow for a website.

What's next for Food for Thought

In future I would like to create a mobile app, more quizzes, longers quizzes, a better back end design. I would also like to execute my initial idea in the same location by creating user account systems, note taking options and graphing options. There is still a lot of room for improvement and room to grow given the simiplicity of the design.

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