Me and my roommates have a huge problem when it comes to food. We don't know what to make, what to buy, and when to cook. We wanted to make an app that could help students and low income families who don't have the time to plan out their meals.

What it does

Allows you to generate a list of all the recipes you can make with just the ingredients in your fridge. Builds a comprehensive schedule based on budget and user preference.

How we built it

Used javascript and bootstrap HTML to connect to a food API.

Challenges we ran into

Half of our team had to leave. Time constraints. We came up with the idea during the competition and switched our tools multiple times. Originally we started building our own API with node js but quickly realized there was not enough time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Built a relatively clean website, but some of the tools we were writing are left unfinished.

What we learned

Research what tools you want to use ahead of time.

What's next for Food For Less

Add more functionality to the scheduling tool. Eventually we wanted to incorporate a database for storage of the recipes you enjoy, as well as for combining our tools so that you can add recipes from your fridge directly to your meal schedule or choose to insert them manually.

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