College students, with their meager budgets and expansive minds, are always on the lookout for food. We marveled at their thriftiness and abilities in a multiplicity of subject areas, and ultimately sought to connect these students with those who could use their skills—as well as offer the worthiest of forms of reciprocation.

What it does

Food for Favors is the modern bartering app. It connects people in need of a meal with those looking for assistance with tasks they can't—or won't—do themselves.

How we built it

Food for Favors is a fully-functional Android application, built with the Android SDK on Android Studio. Graphics were created on Adobe Photoshop, with all images and code made in-house during hackathon hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app works! This app is our first functional non-tutorial-based app, and we learned how to integrate the Parse backend and create a complex and multilayered application that successfully transmits information from page to page. We also finished on time and met all of our goals that we had set for ourselves initially.

What's next for Food for Favors

We hope to expand on the connection interface to create a chat-room. We always want to enhance usability so that the connections made via our app last longer than a simple exchange.

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