Many people are not able to have their daily food intake due to lack of resources and money. Poor people living on the street are affected the most. So we thought of a way to help them. A lot of food is wasted in social functions or gatherings or because of improper sales. So a vendor or organizer can donate those items.

What it does

A donor can list the surplus items left in his stock directly in our website so that NGOs or other people who want to help the poor can see the items and contact the donor directly and can arrange the shipping of food for donations.

How we built it

We built our website using React, Facebook OAuth, Flask-REST-API(Python), Firebase and we also made use of Facebook Messenger to create a chatbot through which a donor can directly list the food items by sending few messages to our chatbot.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to make our app easy to use so that donors can list the food items easily. We wanted to create a flow which is smooth so that their is no hassle for doing this joyous task of donating. So the challenge was to create the UI as simple as possible, location can be asked from the user so that connecting donor and NGOs . Also the use of messenger to create chatbot was very intriguing at first, so we implemented it and with some hard tries we made it well and perfect.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With this app we can help people with 2 problems:

  • Solving the problem of wastage of food.
  • Helping the hungry people who are in real need of food.
  • Also completing this app in less than a week can also be listed as an accomplishment.

What we learned

  • Creating chatbots using messenger and firebase to create dialog flow for taking entries by the user.

What's next for Food for Everyone

  • We are going to make an Alexa skill, so that a user can list the food items by just talking to Alexa.
  • Also we will be adding spam filter so that we can filter out the genuine entries.
  • We want to reach out to as many people so that food wastage can be reduced and can be channeled to right direction.
  • We can also put this dialog flow in any platform in the future so as to gather as many users as possible.

Due to privacy issues we have removed the firebase connection with the chatbot in the video, their will be no issue in the working application.

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