Inequality is visible every where we turn, and can manifest itself in many forms such as discrimination or income. However, food is the bare necessity to survive - With rising rent costs and many pounds of leftover food gone to waste in new York city, we were inspired to create Food For All.

What it does

Food for All is a geolocator of free food near you - FFA pulls from facebook events, RSS feeds, and emails to update its constantly refreshing database. All of these events are then displayed on a mapping API on our front end.

How we built it

Front End: Python Flask + HTML/CSS + GeoPy.Nominatim

Back End: Facebook API, RSS feed scraper to update events table Multinomial Naïve Bayes model to classify text, built with python Scikit-learn

Challenges we ran into

Many variations of text encoding for analysis. Facebook's API is hard. Jinja2. Inconsistency in RSS feed formatting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Machine Learning - put together a good idea with real time updates

What we learned

Some Python

What's next for Food for All

Scale out of NYC, equality in world domination.

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