What Inspired Us

Over 33% of college students in California suffer from food insecurity. Californians throw away over 6 million tons of food waste each year. These polar opposite statistics show the potential to alleviate both problems for the common good.

What it does

This web application fosters an ecosystem in which businesses can offer food that instead of going to waste, can now be donated to feed individuals suffering from food insecurity. It is based on using 5g technology to provide real-time data, letting the users who have food insecurity, find places who are donating food. It is based upon using the geolocation api, so an individual who is walking or driving within a certain radius of business that is donating food, will be pinged and be given information on the type of food available and the quantity the business has.

How we built it

We built it using reactjs and javascript for the front end. The backend was created using python and flask. The chatbox was built with ibm-watson. Sketch was used to create design mockups.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out what technology would best be used and integrating the various tech skills of each team member.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Figuring out a sollution that utilized 5g for the common good. Created the foundation for an app that will be used to help fight hunger. Creating a positive team flow with people from various backgrounds and tech stacks who have never worked together.

What we learned

Learned about the capabilities of IBM-Watson such as cloudent and highly scalable noSQL database. The existence of progressive web applications. We also learned about the capablities of 5g.

What's next for Food First

Develope the company side and introduce the app to a non-profit for implementation.

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