Imagine being out with some cash and not knowing where to get food. With food finder, users will know all their available food choices, be able to find healthy options, and save money using the deals page.

Users can input their location, range, and budget into food finder. It will then find all the available food options for them, and also tell them if each item is healthy or not. Food finder also provides a page where users can find coupons and deals to any fast food / restaurant so nobody goes hungry.

I built it with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python BeautifulSoup

I was having trouble with the scraper grabbing the menu items of each restaurant and could only get it to grab names. I was able to get it to work and output data using a range of 2 miles and a budget of around 4 dollars.

In terms of UI/UX, I feel like I made a clear and easy to use web service. I like how clean and modern it came out looking.

I learned python for the first time.

I plan to finish the web scraper to work with any restaurant, then have coupons automatically pop up for you based on your results.

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