Food Finder


We wanted to gather real time data for foodbanks and organize it in an accesible and digital way for folks who need it.

What it does

Food Finder allows Foodbanks to input how much food is available at certain sites so people can easily find food when they need it, all from the accessability of a phone or pc.

How I built it

I used Flask for the backend, HTML and CSS for the frontend, Google API to connect with google sheets and Glitch for collaborativly editing and hosting on the cloud.

Challenges I ran into

Origonally I was only supposed to some frontend work but my group of four had to go do homework, leaving me in a situation where I could either leave it as an empty front end husk or learn how to do backend overnight. I didn't have too much faith in the beginning but I figured things out along the way and got the project to work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm extrmely proud of the fact that I learned how to do some backend programming as I've had basically zero experience doing that. Learning flask was pretty awesome and It's cool to know that I have it in my toolbelt now.

What I learned

I learned how to use Google API with the gspread python module. I then learned how to use Flask to make the page dynamic and then' Jinja to push that content into the HTML.

What's next for Food Finder

Currently there's no way to remove food postings except through excel, that would be the next thing to change.

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