We turned our attention to agriculture because of the enormous and increasing impact it has on the world, our friend's and own experiences in sustainable living, and recognition of the impact that simple technology could have on it.

Food Fiasco finds data on what products are in demand and on what items can be effectively grown in a given geographic location, provides that data to buyers and growers, and connects them on a shared platform.

We scraped (both manually and programmaticly) data from the USDA and other sources to determine what crops were grown and sold in high volumes by location in the US. We began to check this against the desired growing conditions of the most popular choices. We were left with data on both what was wanted and what was most practical to produce, as well as locations of sources for food that we would recommend be grown. We used aws to host a web platform for both groups and the data.

Despite the attention from different groups, getting data (in a convenient format) was more difficult and time consuming than expected. We also lamented on what and how reliable our inferences are from the data we have.

We think the site is pretty, if we may say so.

Betwixt us, javascript, aws, gimp, and the dangers of too much caffeine.

What's next for Food Fiasco?

Not all of the features we had in mind are implemented, and we would want to continue to look at how we interpret data to make better suggestions to growers and buyers.

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