Roughly 769 people worldwide face extreme poverty which leads to lack of food and healthy options for those families. Atlanta has a large homeless population and in recent years restrictions on giving food to other people have been lifted and organizations are protected by the first amendment to be able to donate food to others without the possibility of being sued. We believe that sharing food is one of the most human experiences one can have and would like to reduce food waste while also ensuring that people who lack access receive healthy food options.

What it does

Our program connects organizations with their nearest food bank and sends a courier to pick up the food from the organization and deliver to the food banks to distribute to people facing food-insecurity.

How we built it

We used googledocs to come up with ideas and bring our ideas together, then replit for collaboration and creation of our project. We used html, javascript, and css to create our program.

Challenges we ran into

None of us had a lot of experience with front-end development. This presented a large challenge but was also a learning experience. This was the first hackathon where any of us submitted a project so at some points we were lost, but worked together to figure everything out. While our program retrieves and stores data from the users, it doesn't match users to the appropriate organization or couriers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of submitting our first project, as well as everything we've learned along the way and our efforts to communicate and work around each other's schedules working virtually from different places

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