A lot of people living alone tends to feel lonely especially during food hours, to overcome this we bring to you our project ' Food Escapade '. This project is also for people who are up for a momentary rush or adventure.

The inspiration for this idea was blended with a lot of research and surveys.

What it does

Food Escapadé allows you to

->Find Food Buddies ->Have a full on adventure having food with a stranger in a food truck or a restaurant.

After logging in you would find a map in which there would be pins representing the people who are up to having food with someone, when we select the pins we would be asked to enter our age and our choice of where to have the food and also to upload a picture of the food we have with us, then we would shown the food item of the person whose pin we click on, we can choose to proceed with or decline the food. If we match then we are taken to the persons profile where we would get basic details like phone number and name of the person.

How we built it

We've done the application with ->Flutter ->Firebase ->Google Cloud

Challenges we ran into

->We had very less time for recording the final video. We did not cover up all our functionalities in depth and this made us feel a bit worried. ->Using GPS to find the location of a user and sorting according to the distance takes a lot of time and hence we couldn't include that function ->Managing time and completing the project on time was challenging yet thrilling.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've made a full working prototype of a Food app

What we learned

->Complications of Flutter and a step ahead of flutter Techniques ->We learnt to use Firebase.

What's next for Food Escapade

->Add more functionalities ->We always appreciate contributions to our GitHub repo once this hackathon is complete to implement this in real life

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