• Lot of food being wasted which can be distributed to the homeless and needy people
  • Paperwork and extensive admin process
  • Lack on online resources
  • Offline backend database

What it does

  • Mobile app for helping the people to keep a track of the food distribution sites available nearby and help them enroll to the site
  • Also keep them updated about the latest change in the site schedule
  • Also help them to sign up on the page as a new customer
  • Scan the QR code for capturing the ID of the person
  • User can make the changes in his profile through Profile Settings
  • User can keep a track of the pending pickups and check the list for food availability

How we built it

Currently built using Java, Android and SQLite database. There is more scope to integrate the app with the website and design the backend database for fault tolerance along with integrating it on Google Maps

Challenges we ran into

  • Designing the structure of the entire app with a focus on the end-user
  • Database structure for keeping a track of the user details and the site info
  • Database integration with the android app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Interface which will help the Second Harvest Food Bank and the user to monitor each other and keep the user posted about the latest schedule

What we learned

New technologies and how non-profit works and where can we help them out in developing online resources

What's next for Food eBank

  • Implement the QR code part for storing the user info in the backend database
  • Notification settings
  • Integration of Google Maps in the site settings for giving the user entire layout of the route to the destination

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