The main goal of the game is to go through the game-board while satisfying your required needs. At the start, you begin where the sun is (daytime) and attempt to make it to where the moon is (nighttime) in under 15 moves. A move is counted once you let go of the arrow keys. This means one move can be as long as one wants, but it must be in one direction to count as one move. My focus for the game was to emphasize what constitutes a healthy daily diet. I did this by demonstrating the accurate amounts of calories that each food offers and how much cups or ounces the food counts for. In the game, instead of the unhealthy food providing excess calories, they lower your "health". I did this so that players would understand only the calorie amounts for healthy food. Conversely, your "health" does not go up when you get the healthy food but your calories do. However, at the end of each level, if you acquired all of the required food in their respective categories, then your health goes up. 

It would be almost impossible to make a game that calculates the needed calories for every person in the world. Therefore, I decided to focus on the age audience provided (9-12). At the start of the game, the player selects his/her gender, then the player selects age. The game then provides the required amounts of food and calories for average people of that age and gender. Nonetheless, I did place "Older" and "Younger" options for players that are not in that age, but for these options the food requirements are not as accurate.

Since there are an infinite amount of levels in the game, your score is equal to how far you made it.  This is counted in "days".  After a player loses, they can input their name in the high-score box next to the day that they made it to. There is also an auto-save feature in the game to avoid losing progress. If the "Spacebar" is pressed during any time of gameplay, then an accurate food list is displayed.  The data on the food list is in accordance to the required dataset and

Overall, the game should provide a pleasant experience for the target audiences.  I hope that my game can help the community in a positive manner. Thank you.

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